My life story!

I can’t stop myself from reading those three words.. ” I’m here for you ” some people in your you can’t ignore, even when you fight with them.. bcuz simply they once meant the world. 

I was feeling lost and I had to use that word again cuz for some reason I lost all the friends I used to have.. I’ve never talked to anyone about anything worries me. not so deep! bcuz I’m afraid that they may get me wrong. or worst.. judge!

never talked to anyone about personal life. when I consider everything my personal life! not that I’m really mean, but I never knew how! .. and I still run for him when the feeling gets me.

I used to run for him whenever I’m afraid about something, lost or insecure. even when I don’t talk about it. he just made me feel safe by being around. feeling safe is the most amazing feeling that you can ever have. believing that someone loves you for who you really are is safe!.. knowing that you have the one person that will never judge you is safe, and having the person that can make you smile even when you’re at your worst.. is safe.

I used to have all that, and I’m just glad that it was once mine.. I thought talking to your ex boyfriend about your problems could be the worst thing to do! but who else knows me better than he does.. 

Thanks for being in my life story! <3

Extra defining;

I didn’t know what I’m gonna write about. not only bcuz I needed to pause my thoughts and pin the appropriate ones, I had been suffering from over exchanging emotional status. insecure, desperation, unloved, depression and over dumb-uation!

technically I was still getting over him, but in reality I moved on. and the fear of trying anything that keeps me loyal is freaking me out. I still see myself not getting over him bcuz I decided to bury myself into the thoughts of not having a boyfriend and keep the hock in the facts that I’m gonna die and end the story as a hero.

what goes around, comes around.. and it did come back around. I’m hurting people I don’t wanna hurt, and the truth is.. I was hurting me..